These publications have been prepared by the Department of Senior Programs and Services to acquaint you with the wealth of services and benefits available to you as a senior citizen in Westchester. Senior citizens can learn how to save money, find housing, get help with minor home repairs, get answers about elder law and more. Other publications and studies are provided to assist the caregiver, senior citizen, or any member of the household with taking care of the elderly.

Many of our publications are available in Spanish.

MAP: My Aging Plan
  MAP was written by the Successful Aging Conference sponsors, and provides specific things people can do to age successfully – starting in their 20's.
It Takes a Village: A Livable Communities Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor Quarterly
  Published by the Department of Senior Programs and Services, this newsletter is your source for updates on neighbors helping neighbors.
Living Well
  Brochure describes the Living Well program,where workshops help seniors learn how to better deal with chronic conditions such as arthritis, pain, high blood pressure and diabetes to enhance their quality of life.
Directory of Services, Rights and Benefits
  This booklet has been prepared to acquaint you with the wealth of services and benefits available to you as a senior citizen in Westchester. All the services are listed alphabetically to make it easy to browse topics.
Financial Benefits and Savings Guide For Senior Citizens
  Your guide to saving money on utility/heating, prescriptions, medicare costs, rent, property taxes, and minor home repairs. Includes a useful directory of phone numbers.
Benefits Checkup 
  Click the headline above for a Benefits CheckUp brochure to learn about benefits for people aged 55 and over and younger people with Medicare. Then go to the Web site and complete a questionnaire.
A Guide for Caregivers: What You Need to Know 
  A booklet filled with practical how-to advice for the caregiver.
A Guide for Caregivers: Respite Services and Support Groups 
  A guide to respite services and caregiver support groups in Westchester County to assist the caregiver of an older adult.
At the Crossroads
  Westchester County Directory of Residential and Health Care Facility options. Includes adult homes, assisted living, enriched housing and retirement residences.
Elder Law Q & A
  Have questions about estate and financial planning, health care planning or elder abuse? If so, the 2016 edition of the Elder Law Q&A: An Introduction to Aging Issues and Planning for the Future offers answers. This guide is also available in Spanish.
Growing Older…Who Do You Trust?
  Learn how to plan for a safe and secure future. Basic money management for older adults.
Guide to Westchester Senior Housing Sites
  Things to know such as key parts of the Real Property Law of the State of New York as well as the federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and how to apply. It also includes some general tips and important questions to ask before you sign a lease.
Planning Your Healthcare in Advance
  Because of illness or injury, you may be unable to talk to a doctor and make decisions about your treatment. You may wish to plan in advance to help make sure that your wishes about treatment will be followed if you become unable to make those decisions.
Senior Law Day Info
  For publications related to the most recent Senior Law Day at the county center, please visit the Senior Law Day Info site.
Older Driver Family Assistance Program
  Caregivers, family and friends frequently don’t know where to turn when they are worried about the safety of an older driver. Fortunately, the Department of Senior Programs and Services has a program that can help.
Millennium Aging Project (part 1) (part 2)
  This county-wide report is a written analysis of data collected from community and workplace survey meetings for the Westchester County Millennium Aging Project.