Low-income seniors may be eligible for free repairs to make their homes more energy efficient – and thereby save on their utility bills –  through the Weatherization Referral Assistance Program (WRAP).

The funds are earmarked for repairs to reduce the energy needed to heat a home and provide hot water. The repairs are made by a reputable contractor; a needs assessment and energy audit will determine how much work will be done.

To qualify for WRAP funding, a person must be 60 or older. They must either own their own home or have a landlord who agrees to pay 25 percent of the cost. Repairs are only made to single-family homes or a senior’s principal residence.

Energy-related repairs that WRAP funding covers include adding insulation to walls, ceilings or attics; air-sealing repairs to walls and floors if heat is being lost; programmable thermostats; and replacement or repair of outside doors, hot water tanks (including the insulation jacket) and broken storm windows in areas of the home that are heated.

In addition, WRAP funding can be used for weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows and repairs to the roof to prevent heat loss and protect insulation (but not roof replacement).

The maximum monthly income for one person to be eligible is $2,146; for two people, the maximum is $2,806.

Funds are provided in grants up to a maximum of $5,000 per household on the basis of financial need and if the repair can be successfully done.

For more information, contact the Westchester County’s Department of Senior Programs and Services at (914) 813-6300.