Many people are struggling to pay their bills in today’s economy.  Learn how to plan for a better future by reading Financial Benefits & Savings: Guide to Saving Money for Westchester’s Seniors.  This guide will help you save money on utilities, heating, prescriptions, Medicare costs, rent, property taxes, minor home repairs and more.  It is also available in Spanish, Guía de Ahorro & Beneficios Financieros.

You should also familiarize yourself with our Services Rights and Benefits: Directory for Westchester’s Seniors, containing information on a wealth of services and benefits available to you as a senior citizen in Westchester. All services are listed alphabetically with an index by municipality.  We also provide this in Spanish, Sitios de Vivienda para Personas Mayores en Westchester.

Have questions about estate and financial planning, health care needs or elder abuse? If so, Elder Law Q&A: An Introduction to Aging Issues and Planning for the Future offers answers. It is also available in Spanish. Additional information, proxy forms and other useful materials and resources are also availlable through our Senior Law Day partners.

We also provide information on Social Security Administration and Medicare, two basic building blocks to financial health for senior citizens. And, New York State's STAR property tax reduction programs for homeowners including Enhanced STAR for seniors.

Did you know that there are over 2,500 benefit programs available nationwide for seniors?  The National Council on Aging provides services like BenefitsCheckUp®, a comprehensive, free online tool that connects older adults with benefits they may be eligible for. Just enter your zip code to find out about programs that can help you save money.

Finally, browse our Consumer pages to help educate yourself about product safety, protect yourself from identity theft, find the best gas prices in Westchester County and more.