For immediate danger dial 911 or call your local police.
Call if you

  • are injured
  • fear you will be injured
  • are helping an injured person
  • suspect someone is being abused and injured

A temporary shelter is available for some victims of abuse.

If the danger is not immediate, but you 

  • do not feel safe
  • know someone who may not be safe
  • feel some form of abuse is occurring

Call Adult Protective Services at (914) 995-2259 or 231-2059
(Monday –Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
For Emergency Services after hours and on weekends: (914) 995-2099

They will assess the situation and arrange to help the victim.  The law requires Westchester County Adult Protective Services to conduct an investigation when they receive oral or written information concerning a person thought to be in need of protective services. You may report abuse without having to give your name.
For Non-Emergencies
If you have any questions about elder abuse or services and programs for the elderly and caregivers, call the Safe Center near your home.
(Monday – Friday, business hours)

 The Safe Center at ElderServe

White Plains (914) 683-7530
Mount Vernon (914) 813-6436
Yorktown (914) 245-9167

You may also call the Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services Elder Abuse Helpline at (914) 813-6436 or 813-6300.