Did you know that in the United States

  • There are 1.01 million reported cases of elder abuse.
  • Most recent data say there are about 570,000 cases of elder abuse reported each year but it is estimated that for every case reported, five are not.
  • Median age of victims is almost 78 years.
  • Neglect is the most common form of elder maltreatment – 55 percent of cases.

In Westchester

  • It is estimated that 15 percent of people over 60 are victims of abuse in Westchester County.
  • There were 282 more referrals for elder abuse to Westchester County Adult Protective Services in 2003 (1,778) than in 2000 (1,496).

Who are the abusers?

  • Adult children are the most frequent abusers of the elderly (32.6 percent), followed by other family members.

Who are the victims?

  • Two of every three elder abuse victims are women.